Skaters and Spectators understand and agree to abide by the following:

1. By engaging in skating, you have signed the SKATERS CLUB ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT - WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, you are deemed to have knowledge of and have assumed the inherent risks of skating which include, but are not limited to:

  • Injuries that result from falls.
  • Injuries that result from collisions or contact with other skaters or other individuals who are on the floor.

2. If you are ‘Pregnant’ or think you may be pregnant, have a medical condition, or have a pre-existing injury that may be aggravated by this activity, PLEASE DO NOT SKATE.

3. When entering or leaving SKATERS CLUB events, normal street footwear is to be worn, NOT skates.

4. Queue jumping is not allowed. The skater will be removed from the queue and will be allowed entry when the queue has gone.

5. Use correct name when signing in. Incorrect names/abusive wording can cause the skater to be banned.

6. Anyone under the influence of ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE will NOT be allowed entry to SKATERS CLUB events.

7. Children under the age of nine (9) must at all times be THE RESPONSIBILITY OF AND ACCOMPANIED BY a parent or legal guardian. Children over the age of nine (9) must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designating supervising adult.

8. When entering and leaving the room Spectators/anyone not wearing skates should walk close to the wall. Spectators/anyone not wearing skates are not allowed in the skating area any time before, during or after the SKATERS CLUB events have finished. Spectators/anyone not wearing skates should remain seated throughout the session.

9. A child or children not participating in skating must remain seated and their parent or guardian will be fully responsible to ensure the child or children do not enter the skating area before, during or after the SKATERS CLUB events.

10. SKATERS CLUB strongly recommends skaters to wear wrist guards. Only safety helmets are allowed on the skating area all other headwear such as baseball caps, hat, etc. should be removed when skating.

11. Throwing of any object is not allowed.

12. A skater, who has taken their skates off, for any reason, must not enter the skating area before, during or after the SKATERS CLUB events.

13. Sitting, standing still or lying on the skating area is not allowed.

14. Use the toilet before the session as SKATERS CLUB only allows one visit to the toilet during the session. More than one visit to the toilet in one session requires the skaters’ parent to supervise the toilet visit. Remove skates before using the toilets. No skaters are allowed to roam around the centre.

15. When skating, socks MUST be worn.

16. All beginners please advise a member of SKATERS CLUB staff for tuition. A 5-graded scheme with certificates is included within the cost of the skating sessions.

17. Refrain from skating close to any wall or post.

18. Accept responsibility for knowing the range of your ability whilst onskates and skate within that ability.

19. Fast skating within the general session is not allowed. If you are passing more skaters than are passing you, you are skating too fast.

20. Refrain from acting in a manner that may cause or contribute to injury of you or another person. Pushing, tripping, horseplay or intentional interference of other skaters is absolutely forbidden.

21. Maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters, objects or conditions on the floor.

22. Games are for experienced skaters ONLY to develop advanced skating skills. Play games at your own risk.

23. Carrying children whilst on skates is forbidden.

24. Food and drink are not allowed in the skating area. Spillages must to be reported immediately.

25. Do not throw or leave any foreign objects on the floor.

26. Refrain from using mobile phones when skating.

27. Do not sit on tables, stacked mats, counters or anything other than a chair, bench or floor area off the skating area.

28. Read and abide all posted signs and warnings.

29. Do not instigate or become involved in any type of altercation with any skater, spectator, SKATERS CLUB staff or Leisure Centre staff or engage in any abrasive, abusive, or disorderly conduct. Refrain from any behaviour or comments, which are sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive. SKATERS CLUB staff reserve the right to ask skaters and spectators to leave the facility at any time with no refund.

30. Smoking in or around the building is not allowed.

31. Non skating PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS are the ONLY people admitted FREE.

32. Please LISTEN and ADHERE to ALL direction given by the announcer, D.J. or SKATERS CLUB staff. If you have difficulty understanding the announcer or D.J., please feel free to approach a member of SKATERS CLUB staff who will be happy to explain the announcement.